• Direct engraving of convex letters on the mold instead of using the EDM
  • The mold for a battery cell with a diameter of Φ7. The material is carbide. The height of the characters "JAPAN" is 0.55 mm.
  • The electrode material is tungsten-copper. The tool used has a 20° taper and a tip diameter of Φ0.06.
Difficult-to-cut materials
  • Engraving on tungsten, a difficult-to-cut material. Fine engraving was performed on a Φ4 tungsten round bar using a small-diameter tool.
  • Direct carving of high-hardness materials from solid block.
  • Material: SKD11HRC60
    Processing range: 92X30X14.5(mm)
    Tools used: 1. Roughing R3 ball 2. Medium rough R2 ball 3. Finishing R1.5 ball 4. Finishing R1 ball