Micro processing

  • The image of the fish was scanned, manually shaped, and it was made to be an electrode.

  • Minimum groove width: 0.3 mm, depth: 0.3 mm. (Material: STAVAX).
  • Battery cell engraving with a diameter of 6 mm. Characters are 0.45 mm high. The cutter uses the 20° tapered tip with the diameter of 0.04Φ. The tungsten-copper electrodes were engraved with the letters; and electro discharge machined into the high-hardness material.
  • A convexly engraved electrode. Character's height: 2 mm, tip's width of 0.1 mm, depth of 0.5 mm. (Material: tungsten-copper).
  • Engraving of the recycling mark. Character's height: 0.538 mm.
  • Direct engraving of the mobile phone charger. The cutter used a 20° tapered tip with the diameter of 0.1Φ. (Material: NAK80)
  • The thickness of the ribs is variable from 0.205mm to 0.433mm. Center round rib is Φ0.433 mm. Depth: 5 mm. (Material: tungsten-copper).
  • Character's engraving on the ultra-fine pins of 0.492Φ. Character's height: 0.31 mm, depth: 0.04 mm. The cutter used a 25° tapered tip with the diameter of 0.06Φ. (Materials: SKH51, HRC60).
Diamond-cut engraving

  • The diamond-cut imprinting is quite hard to do as designed, requiring multiple high-precision adjustments of the engraving.