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We specialize in: processing of high-hardness materials, processing of curved materials and high-precision engravings.

  • Carbide engraving
  • Carbide mold parts processing
  • Fine engraving on hardened molds, characters engraving
  • Small letters and characters engraving of 0.3 mm height
  • Fine cutting by Φ0.2 end mill
  • With a tapered blade it is possible to process up to 0.04Φ
  • 4-axis rotary machining while rotating the cylinder
  • Engraving of characters and letters on a free-form surfaces
〠570-0075 Osaka, Moriguchi City, Beniyacho 7-2
(Keihan Main Line, in front of Takii station)
 ☎  06-6991-0234
Fax 06-6991-0288